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Cory Conklin

Hello, my name is Cory Conklin, I am a husband, father and I am the Creative Keto Cook. I am here to help overweight, sick and tired people by giving you simple and tasty good food that is good for you so that you can lose weight, get healthy and feel great!!

For many years I have been eating a low carb diet off and on with some success. At my highest I weighed almost 280lbs, and at my lowest I got down to 190lbs. Unfortunately, I let my self go after getting down to 190lbs, and got back up to 230lbs.  Just before Thanksgiving of 2017 my wife challenged me to lose weight, and on Thanksgiving day I started my journey on a Keto Lifestyle. Now I want to help you start your Keto Life, lose weight and feel great.

I started my journey to become the Creative Keto Cook in late 2017 when I saw a need for someone to help people understand how to use the Keto Lifestyle to lose weight and improve their health. Many times I have heard "I cant afford to eat Keto", "It is to hard to cook and eat Keto", or "My food choices on Keto are just to limited." I am here to show you that you can afford to eat Keto, that is it easy to cook Keto meals and that you have Lots of food options when living the Keto Lifestyle.

I was also concerned that the vast majority of spice blends that are available today have sugar as one of the main ingredients. Many of the spices and blends also have other ingredients in them such as anti-caking agents. That does not work when living a Keto life. Select Savory Seasonings was started so that you can have access to Fresh, Sugar Free BBQ Rubs, Blends and Seasonings and so that you can make good tasting food that is good for you. With my recipes and spices you will see that Weight Loss Never Tasted So Good!!


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