A Mechanics View of Keto

A friend of mine called me recently because at his most recent doctor's visit his A1C was over 8 and wants to make changes in his diet and lifestyle to reverse his Diabetes, Lose Weight and get Healthy. My friend is a brilliant mechanic, you can give him a car or an airplane and he can find the problem and then fix it for you. However, when it comes to how our bodies work he is lost. Knowing that I put the following blog together to help him understand how our bodies work from the perspective and view point of a mechanic.

Here is a mechanical explanation for how our bodies process what we eat that may help you better understand it. Consider putting bad fuel into a car. A car will run with bad fuel, and it will get you to where you want to go, but it will not run very well. The engine will probably spit and sputter, it will not give you good gas mileage and over time it will ruin the engine. Basically, the bad fuel will work in the car, but it is not the most efficient fuel source. For the car to run correctly and last longer it needs to burn the correct fuel, good fuel.

The same thing applies to our bodies. Unfortunately, we have been told for the last 30 plus years to eat the “bad fuel” (grains, sugars, starches, vegetable oils), and not to eat the “good fuel” that we need (meat, eggs, healthy fats and low sugar veggies) to properly fuel our bodies. When we eat the bad fuel, our bodies do not run properly, as we discussed last night. Our joints hurt, we don’t sleep well, we have intestinal problems, we get fat, we become diabetic and overall, we do not feel good. Also, as a result of eating bad fuel over the years our bodies breakdown faster and have more issues. As we get older, just like an engine, our bodies will breakdown and quit sooner running on bad fuel.

The good thing is that when we start eating properly and eat the “good fuel” our bodies will adjust, adapt and start to heal (just like an engine can start running properly once it gets the proper fuel and maintenance). Many people have found that when they started eating a Low Carb, or Ketogenic diet that they are reversing their diabetes, their aches and pains are gone, they have increased energy, they are sleeping better, and overall, they feel much better. Our body is an amazing engine that, when and it is properly fueled, can do amazing things like healing itself.

By eating the proper fuel, we can live longer, live healthier, and have a much higher quality of life. I believe that this way of eating is so important that my children started out eating keto from day one. I do not want them to have to deal with the pain and struggles with food at that I have dealt with for most of my life. I also believe that this way of eating will help prevent many of the degenerative diseases that we deal with today such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and dementia in the same way that proper fuel and maintenance in a car will prevent engine damage down the road.

I hope this helps to put this into a perspective that you are a little more familiar with.


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