Client Conversation

A client of mine (male in his mid 60s) was told earlier this year that he is a Type 2 Diabetic and that if he did not change that he would need to start taking medications. After watching my weight loss and seeing how much better I look and feel he reached out to me to help him. This client is great with mechanical things (cars, planes, boats, motors, etc.) but was admittedly lost when it came to what to eat to improve his health and how what he ate made a difference. After our first consultation my client took all of the information that I gave him and set out to make changes to his diet and his lifestyle. After six weeks, he sent me the following email:

"I have been enjoying this "diet" as I don't have all the cravings I endured in other eating plans. I noticed an immediate change when I realized how much sugar / carbs I was taking in each day! I weighed in yesterday morning and I lost 20 lbs. so far (217.4)  and I have a goal to be under 200 by the time I head to the airshow on July 17 and I think I will make it. At some point (soon) I would like to talk and get some help with what I am doing and things I can do to make it better.

Weight loss is only part of my objective. First I need to get my blood sugar down so I don't register as diabetic; second, I need to reduce my blood pressure and lastly I want to get back down to 180 or less."

About a week after receiving this email I was able to meet my client and to see his progress. He has already lost 2" from around his waist and he is amazed at how much better he feels now that he is eating and living keto. He has noticed that he is not hungry all the time anymore and he has naturally started to naturally intermittently fast each day. Most days he will not have his first meal until after 1 pm and his last meal will be dinner around 5 or 6 pm. He finally realized that the old idea that it is "time to eat" no longer applies. It is only time to eat when he is hungry.

The last text that I received from my client was "I ain't quitting, this is rewarding and kinda fun!" My client has learned that "Weight Loss Never Tasted So Good" and you can learn this too, let me help you. Send me an email to set up your initial consultation.


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