Don't Stop, Keep Going!!

On Thanksgiving Day of 2017 I decided make Keto my Lifestyle and not just a diet. No more cheat meals every few weeks, no more falling off the wagon, no more excuses!! I was tired of being sick and tired and I wanted to finally make the change that I knew would be the best change for my health and my life. I am proud to say that since then I can count on one hand the number of meals that I ate that I should not have had. I am also paying closer attention to my body and how it feels. I especially pay attention to my body when I eat something that I know I should not eat. When that happens my joints start to hurt, my legs swell up, my intestines start to cramp, my sleep suffers, I "gain" weight and overall my body just aches. When that happens I am reminded of why I do not want to eat the garbage that I used to eat before Thanksgiving of 2017. I honestly feel like trash and I do not want to live feeling like that ever again.

So what does all of that have to do with "Don't Stop, Keep Going"? In the past when I would eat a meal or two I would "gain" ten pounds and say to myself "Well I just gained ten pounds, this isn't worth it so I will go back to eating the junk". Or I would rationalize eating like I used to for a period of time. For example: Well, it is Christmas and New Years so I can eat like this for a week or so and get back at it after the first of the year. Sadly for me. I used that rationale more than once and then did not "get back at it" after the first of the year. On the contrary I continued eating garbage, started putting weight back on and started feeling terrible again.

While living keto, understand that there will be times that you are going to slip up. It happens to all of us, but what are you going to do after you slip up is the question. Simple, "Don't Stop, Keep Going!". Do not allow a slip up to get you off track and stop you from getting healthy and losing weight. You worked to hard to get to where you are to stop and throw it all away over a slip up. Pick your self up, learn from your mistake and then "Keep Going!".

This also applies to exercise, and exercise is what caused me to write this post. After living keto for about six months I started to really notice the extra energy that I had and wondered if I should join a gym. It was an odd feeling sitting on the couch and feeling like I needed to be doing something because of how good I felt. So in the summer of 2018 I started doing body weight exercises at home (I just can't bring myself to pay for a gym). All I bought was a $20 pull up bar and I started exercising. At first it was not easy, I had to do "girl" push-ups (no offense ladies) from my knees because my upper body was so weak. I had to put my feet on a stool and lightly push with my legs to do pull-ups and I could barely do one or two body weight rows. It really was tough but I Didn't Stop, I Kept Going. After a few months I noticed that I could do several proper form push-ups, I could actually do pull-ups without the stool and I was doing many more body weight rows. Also, I was literally seeing the difference. My arms, my back and my chest were starting to show definition that I never had before.

Then it happened...I went on a trip for a conference. My plan was to keep exercising while on the trip but that did not happen. After dragging 150 lbs of baggage through the airport to the conference and getting all setup my body was beat. I was starting to cramp and knowing I was going to be working hard for a few days I knew that I needed to give my body a break. After the conference I got back home and started to rationalize away my exercise just like I did in the past with my food. My body is still tired, I should give it a little more rest, I can start week. Then next week comes and no exercise, and another week until two and a half months later I finally get back to my exercise routine.

I must admit, I really did not want to start exercising again. I knew that my body had regressed and that I lost some of the hard work that I had put in, but I did not lose everything. I was still able to do proper form push-ups, pull-ups without a stool and the body weight rows. The difference was that I could not do as many of them, and because my body was out of the habit of exercising it really hurt my first day exercising again. But you know what, the second day was not as bad and the third day it was even better. Now I just need to "Keep Going" so that I can continue to get stronger and allow my body to get back into the groove of exercising a few times a week.

For the past week I have been comparing how I justified putting off Keto and how I used those same excuses for putting off the exercise. Since making Keto my lifestyle I have had no problems sticking to it even if I slipped up a few times. When I did slip up I was not going to let that stop me like it did in the past. However, I did not do that with my exercise. I went back to the same excuses I used in the past but it took me almost two months before I realized it. Now that I am exercising again it is going to be my lifestyle and my motto will be "Don't Stop, Keep Going!!".

You too can do this, Don't Stop, Keep Going!! I know and understand how hard it can be sometimes, but I also know that it is not worth stopping. When you are tempted to give in just remember, "Don't Stop, Keep Going".

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