Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a spice that is full of health benefits such as its antioxidant properties, ability to relieve pain, reduce nausea and help reduce inflammation and it has been used in traditional/alternative medicine for centuries. You can easily add ginger to your cooking so that you can add its benefits to your body. Ginger can be sprinkled into your tea, add it to your stir fry right before it is done cooking, cook your veggies in soy sauce and a little ginger, and it also works great in dressing and marinades.

Here are some of the health benefits of ginger:

1) Ginger has anti-inflammatory benefits:

Ginger is related to turmeric and cardamom and contains the anti-inflammatory compound gingerol. The compound gingerol is the compound that helps fight inflammation in your body. The anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger can also help relieve muscle and joint pain.

2) Ginger fights nausea and stomach issues:

Growing up when we had a upset stomach we would sip on ginger ale to help settle our upset stomach which shows that ginger helps to reduce nausea. Instead of sugar laden ginger ale you can have a cup of ginger tea instead.

3) Ginger helps regulate your blood sugar:

Ginger has been shown to help minimize the negative effect of high blood sugar by helping to keep it regulated. Because of its effect on blood sugar ginger can also help reduce your risk of diabetes.

4) Ginger Fights Infection:

Ginger has powerful antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties that can help your body fight a cold or infection. Again, a hot ginger tea is an excellent way to ingest the benefits of ginger if you are not feeling well.

Ginger can easily be incorporated into your diet in several ways. The easiest is to make a Ginger Tea with hot water and fresh or ground ginger. You can also add ginger to your stir-fry or other Asian inspired dishes, sprinkle it on your veggies just before they are done cooking or even sprinkle a little on your salad.

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