It Just Takes a Little Planning

Today as I was scrolling through my social media someone posted a recipe of one of my families favorite meals (Keto Stromboli) and it reminded me of one of the "complaints" about keto. The complaint is that it is difficult to live keto when you go on vacation. I am sure most of you have taken a trip or a vacation and you ate a few things that you should not have and understand the it can be a struggle to eat right when traveling but it does not have to be.

I will admit, if you go on a trip or vacation without making a plan then it will be difficult to stick with any way of eating, keto or otherwise. However, if you plan ahead, pick restaurants that offer foods that are keto and low carb friendly, plan out your meals before you leave and even find ways to cook some of your meals while on vacation. If you do this it will make it much easier to continue your keto way of eating while on vacation.

For example: We went camping as a family to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks in the summer of 2017. Normally, camping involves pancakes, smores, lots of sandwiches, hamburgers and hot dogs on buns and other foods that usually some sort of bread. Before we went camping I decided that we were going to continue to eat keto so I planned and prepared our meals before leaving.

Breakfast was easy, we had scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage each morning along with coffee for me.

For lunch we usually kept things simple with lunch meat, cheese and occasionally nuts. We also brought some low sugar fruit along for our boys to enjoy while we traveled during the day. Sorry, but we did not take any pictures of lunch. Dinner each night did take a little more planning before we left, but it was not difficult. Of course one night we had hamburgers and hot dogs (without buns) cooked over the campfire, but the other nights we had a few non-traditional camping meals.

The first night we had a cauliflower and ham bake that I mixed up before leaving and put into an aluminum pan covered in foil. It was simple to cook, I got a chimney starter of charcoal going, put the coals in the fire pit ring and set the aluminum pan on/over the coals. About 45 minutes later dinner was served.

The second day we cooked a Fat Head Stromboli on the camp fire. I had to put this together before we left for our vacation. After making the Fat Head Stromboli I wrapped it in parchment paper and foil then I froze it to help keep it cool in the cooler. The day that we ate the Fat Head Stromboli I took it out of the cooler to thaw out and placed it on the coals in the fire pit ring making sure to turn it every few minutes to prevent it from burning.

Next we had onion wrapped meatballs. These were Really Easy to prepare ahead of time. Simply make your favorite meatball recipe and wrap each of them in one layer of onion and wrap each one in foil. When it comes time to cook just place them on the hot coals and rotate them often for 30-40 minutes.

On our final night of camping we had a cheeseburger cauliflower bake that was cooked just like the Cauliflower Ham bake that we had earlier in the week.

Now, there was one other meal that we had on our way home from vacation. I had originally planned out a meal to eat at the hotel on the way home, but I did not feel like eating what we had planned. So, I checked out the local restaurants and we decided to have BBQ for dinner that night.

All of this was done with a little planning and preparation ahead of time for our camping vacation in 2017. In 2018 we did not go camping, but we stayed at a time share where we had a kitchen to cook in. Breakfast and Lunch were the same as before and for dinner we brought along our crock pot so that we could get dinner going in the morning and have it ready when we got back after a long day of having fun. I will save you time reading about the meals that we made and just leave you with pictures of everything that we made on our vacation in 2018, and yes one night we did eat out and have wings.

Just remember, if you really want to lose weight and get healthy you can do it and stick to it. Vacations, holidays and other events can be challenging, but there is always something that you can do to continue on your path to a lighter and healthier you. With all of the resources available today there is no excuse to eating carbage even when you are on vacation. If you need help planning for a vacation or the holidays please send me an email and I can give you some ideas and tips to help you continue on your journey to health.

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