Listen to Your Body

As your body starts to adapt to your new keto lifestyle and it starts to become a fat burner you may notice a few things that you are not familiar with or may confuse you:

1) You are not hungry as often

-when you wake up you may not be hungry and you skip breakfast

-you skip lunch because you are not hungry

-after having breakfast and lunch you are not hungry for dinner

2) You get full (or satiated) quicker

-you find that you just do not eat as much at your meals as you used to

When any of these happen Listen to Your Body!! Many people that I work with get worried when they are not hungry but it is "time to eat". If you are not hungry then do not eat, it is that simple. The better your body becomes at burning fat for fuel you will find your self not being as hungry. You will also notice that you will not need to eat as much for your meals.

Do not worry and listen to your body because it will tell you when you need to eat and how much to eat. This can be a struggle, and difficult to get used to. Personally, I am now used to eating only one or two meals a day and I usually eat between 1 pm and 6 pm each day. At first it was odd not eating breakfast, but I find that two cups of coffee with some cream and coconut oil keep me full until into the afternoon or later. The struggle that I still have is only eating what I need. The phrase "my eye were bigger than my stomach" still applies to me at times. My brain says "you used to eat that much for dinner so you need to continue to eat that much". However, my body tells me, "Stop Eating...I Am Full!!".

For example: tonight I listened to my body and not my brain. We has breakfast sausage and eggs for dinner tonight. Normally I will eat three eggs and half a pound of breakfast sausage, but tonight I listened to my body. I had one egg and about a quarter of a pound of breakfast sausage (see picture below). In the past I would have just cooked what I normally eat and forced myself to eat it all, but tonight I choose to listen and give my body what it needed, and not what I wanted.

Both of these (not being hungry and eating less) can be a challenge to get used to especially when you have been eating differently your entire life. Learning to live keto is a process and it will take time for you and your body to get adjusted to the changes. If you are not sure if something is right or you do not know what to do please reach out to me and I will be happy to help you out.

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