Observations of a Client

One of my clients recently emailed me some observations that they had, along with some thoughts about why they will continue to live keto. My client is male, in his sixties has struggled with his weight all of his life and has had some health issues in recent years (discussed below).

“So I was at Walmart this morning and for some reason I was noticing all the fat people (been noticing them in restaurants too). Not just a little fat but fat fat and there are a lot of them, including me. My thought went to having a business card in my pocket that I could hand out (no not one that says your fat) with links to tell them that being overweight can lead to diabetes, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s… Something like “How to prevent diabetes, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s in Your Life”. It would probably be to much for them to comprehend but it was a thought of how to help others.

Personally, my primary focus in no longer losing weight but the health benefits of a Keto Lifestyle and weight loss is just a side effect. When I’m shopping or grabbing something to eat, my though isn’t about weight loss rather I am thinking about not having any of those dreaded diseases as I get older. I have been reading “Fat for Fuel” by Dr. Mercola and it is really sinking how sugar and carbs affect our well being down to the cellular level. It is at the cellular level that everything in our bodies gets repaired.

Since committing to a Keto Lifestyle, I have noticed in a short period of time many of my fibromyalgia pains are still there but not as frequent and noticeably less discomfort. I am sleeping better, taking less Ibuprofen and I am mentally sharper (well that is probably debatable). I am looking forward to how good I’m going to feel down the road. It will be interesting to see if my heart palpitations go away as the result of tissue repair. It will probably take some time, but it would be a great testimony if I can get off my medications. I think they need to do a study on Atrial Fib and Keto Lifestyle.”

Like my client, I notice the same things when I go out shopping or out to eat. Obesity today is rampant and it affects all ages from children to the elderly. It breaks my heart to see elementary age children that weight as much or more than I weigh and see people needlessly suffer with obesity when there is a simple solution. For the majority of overweight and obese people keto can help them to lose weight and get healthy.

Also, many other people (like my client) are realizing that the health benefits of keto far outweigh the potential weight loss. Young or old, keto provides numerous health benefits such as reducing and even preventing many of the degenerative diseases that we are facing today (Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, and even Cancer). Personally I started keto to lose weight, but I will continue to live keto because of the other health benefits such as no inflammation in my body any more, increased mental clarity, increased energy and better sleep. Plus, keto will help me to avoid the degenerative diseases that our society is battling with today as I get older. One of my favorite sayings is, "Keto: Come for the weight loss and stay for the reduced inflammation, increase mental clarity, better sleep and increase energy".

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