Review: Wilton Non-Stick Bacon Pan

I have a bad habit of making a mess when I cook bacon on the stove top. Grease splatters all over the place (floor, stove, counter, wall) and then of course it needs to get cleaned up. I started cooking my bacon in the oven on a baking sheet, but the bacon did not cook well because it was always sitting in the grease.

Enter the Wilton Non-Stick Griddle and Bacon Pan: Since buying this pan I have not cooked bacon on the stove top. When I am cooking thick cut bacon I can usually get one pound on the pan. If I am cooking regular cut bacon I can usually cook 12 oz. at a time.

This pan works Great!! I bake the bacon at 400 degrees for around 20 minutes and the bacon comes out crispy and perfect every time. Simply lay the bacon in a single layer on the top of the pan and place in the oven. As the bacon cooks the grease runs down into the gutter/ditch that runs around the outside of the pan helping the bacon to cook evenly.

Once the bacon is cooked removed the pan from the oven, transfer the bacon to paper towels and enjoy once cool. Also, this pan helps keep the bacon grease from burning so that you can save it for cooking later. Bacon grease is a great "oil" to cook your veggies and meat in as it adds flavor and is much healthier than using seed oils.

After using the pan 6-8 times I highly recommend it!! The only drawback is the size of the pan. It is a Big Pan so it probably will not fit in your dishwasher (it doesn't fit in mine), and its size may make it interesting finding a place to store it.

Here are two links where you can buy this pan (I do not get any compensation if you buy the pan, these links are here to help you):




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