Shopping the Sales and Saving Money

One of the misconceptions that I keep hearing about living keto, low carb and carnivore is that it is to expensive. Living keto and low carb is not more expensive and can actually cost less than eating the standard american diet. There are two ways that living keto can cost the same and even may end up being cheaper. The first is that as your body adjust to living keto you will eventually start eating less. No more snacking because you are "starving" or eating after dinner because you are hungry. Once your body has adapted to living keto you will not be as hungry and will start eating less. You may even start to notice that you are not hungry when you wake up and will start skipping breakfast (which is a good thing).

Second, shopping the sales can save a lot of money and allow you to lose weight and get healthy living keto. For example: today I went shopping for meat to restock our freezer and I also picked up a few other keto items that we needed. One of our local stores had several meats on sale that I was able to stock up on:

Whole Chickens: $.75 a pound (found them marked down at Wal-Mart)

Ground Beef: $1.79 a pound (one local store has a one day sale of $1.49 a pound at times)

Pork Loin Chops: $1.79 a pound

Sirloin Tip Roast: $2.79 a pound (this was a splurge purchase for us)

NY Strip Steaks: $5.49 a pound (this was a splurge purchase for us)

All of the meat combined came to 48 pounds of meat for $2.33 a pound and I broke them down into 17 meals which equals $6.58 per dinner. Now, for this shopping trip I did splurge when I bought the NY Strip Steaks and the Sirloin Roast. If you take out the meats that I splurged on I have $3.67 in meat per meal for a family of four!!

This is just what I purchased today while shopping. Now I am waiting for a sale on chicken thighs which usually runs between $.69-$.99 a pound which makes it even cheaper per meal.

Along with meat most people like to have a veggie of some kind. Most of the time we stick with three or four veggie options in our house: frozen broccoli, frozen cauliflower, frozen cauli/broccoli mix or canned green beans. The frozen veggies usually cost about $1.00 per bag and the canned green beans are less than $.50 per can. Depending on the meal we use one or two bags/cans of veggies for dinner so at the most we are spending $2.00 on veggies for dinner.

If you combine the meat and the veggies we spend between $6.00 (buying only sale meat) and $9.00 (splurging a little) per dinner for a family of four. Today you are hard pressed to eat out for one person for less than $9.00 let alone a family of four.

We also use eggs a lot for breakfast and for dinner and depending on what we are making we use 6-9 eggs for a meal which for us costs $1.17 if we use 9 eggs. Our family also likes to have sliced cheese for lunch which is $2-$3 for a 24 pack of cheese along with lunch meat which is $3-$4 a pound. One pack of meat and cheese is lunch for about one week or $1 a day.

This is just a few examples of how you can, as a family of four, live keto and keep it within a budget. Sales on meat and a freezer is one of the best ways to keep your food costs down living keto and even splurge every now and then.


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