Stromboli for Camping

Ingredients: (this is the fat head dough recipe)

-3.5 cups shredded mozzarella cheese

-1.5 cup crushed pork rinds (you can also use almond flour, but we prefer the pork rinds)

-4 tbsp Full Fat Cream Cheese (I always use Philadelphia Cream Cheese because the generic brands usually have more carbs/sugar in them)

-1 TBSP Select Savory Seasonings, Select Pizza Seasoning

-2 tsp white wine vinegar

-2 eggs

-Sliced Ham

-Pepperoni Slices

-Salami Slices

-Sliced Mozzarella Cheese

-1/2 Cup of Low Sugar Marinara Sauce like Rao's or Mezzitta's

-Or any other low carb meats and veggies that you enjoy. Think of this as a Stuffed Pizza and use your favorite pizza ingredients. I like to use leftover meats like pulled pork, ground beef and brisket when making Stromboli.


-Heat mozzarella and cream cheese in a small, non-stick pan on medium heat or in a bowl in the microwave oven.

-Stir until they melt together.

-Add the other ingredients and mix well

-Roll out your pizza dough into a rectangle

-Spread out a 1/2 cup of tomato sauce

-Layer the cheese and meat in the middle of the crust (again use your favorite pizza topping here) just do not over fill the crust, you will be rolling this up or folding it together and to many ingredients will make that difficult.

-Starting at one end roll the dough up like you are making cinnamon rolls and pinch all ends to create a seamless log of pizza goodness.

-Wrap it in parchment paper and then wrap it in foil and freeze it.

-It will help keep things cool in your cooler and will thaw and be ready to cook by dinnertime.

-You can cook it on a grill or just put it on the logs or coals for a total of 25 minutes, flipping often every few minutes.

-Once it is done, cut or pull it apart and serve.

-Fresh pizza is a rare commodity while camping and will be gobbled up in seconds!

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